Rules & Regulations

Code of Conduct

  • Each Student, with respect to his/her work in the course as well as his/her general conduct in the college shall remain under the control of the respective department and shall be guided by the disciplinary code of the college
  • 75% attendance is compulsory to all the students. A student shall be considered to have satisfied the requirement of attendance for appearing the semester end examinations, if he/she has attended not less than 75% of the number of classes held up to the end of the semester including tests, seminars, practical’s etc.
  • However, there is provision for condonation of attendance for the students those who have put up the attendance between 60% and 74% on medical grounds on production of medical certificate
  • If a student represents his/her Institution, University, State of Nation in sports, NCC, NSS or cultural or any other officially sponsored activities, he/she shall be eligible to claim the attendance for the actual number of days participated subject to a maximum of 20 days participated subject to a maximum of 20 days in a semester based on the specific recommendations of the Head, Department concerned
  • A student who does not satisfy the requirement of attendance shall not be permitted to take internal assessment as well as the semester end examination
  • Consequent upon the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on curbing Ragging in education institutions, it has been decided that, if any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the Authority, the concerned student shall be given adequate opportunity to explain and if his/her explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority will expel him/her from the college
  • If students have grievances, they are to register their grievances through the Grievance Redressal committee of the college. Students are prohibited from approaching any outside agency regarding their grievances


  • Disruption of classroom activities or hindering the learning of other students anywhere in the University.
  • Cheating on assignment or examinations
  • Behavior, which interferes significantly with the normal operation of the University, disrupts education, Challenges the health or safety of staff or students or causes disfiguration or damage to the property of the University or belongings of staff members of students
  • Possession and or use of intoxicating beverages / Gutka on campus
  • Falsification of documents or the supply of false information in order to obtain admission, the possession of weapons
  • Possession of illicit drugs in the campus
  • Failure to return loaned materials to settle deists with the University
  • Disobeying any instructions of any kind issued by the Registrar, Head of the department or any authority empowered by the VC to make decisions regarding matters related to students
  • Bringing the University in to disrepute to the Society by any action/behavior/instigation with a proven intention to tarnish the image of the University
  • Failure to adhere to the guidelines as above shall invite strict disciplinary action which may lead up to expulsion from the college. Besides all the students of various courses shall have to abide by rules and regulations of the college which might be adopted from time to time.

Rules For Attendance

  • A Student must attend at least 75% of the lectures in each subject of study, failing which; he shall not be permitted to appear at the University Examination.
  • Attendance shall be reckoned from the date of teaching commenced. No relief shall be given to student who gets admission after commencement of teaching. Also no relief shall be allowed for absence either with or without leave.
  • A student who has already made up 75% attendance shall not remain absent from the college without leave. Leave for absence in such cases shall not be granted without sufficient and proper reasons.
  • Students must not absent themselves from college without leave. Applications for leave should be made to the Principal, Such application must be countersigned by the guardian or by the Warden, if the applicant resides in the College hostel.
  • When leave of absence is required on medical grounds the application should be accompanied by the certificate from registered medial practitioner.
  • Names of students who are continuously absent for more than one month shall be struck off from the College rolls even if tuition fee has been paid
  • If student is continuously absent, for ten days parents will be informed immediately.

Rules Pertaining To College Examinations

  • Unless otherwise notified there shall be two full examinations in a session. Periodical tests shall be arranged by the Teaching Departments. The terminal examinations shall be held as per the academic calendar of Bilaspur University
  • There shall be and end semester examination and also continuous sessional evaluation for each course of study. Unless otherwise mentioned, 75% of the total weight age of marks will be assigned to and semester examination and 25% will be reserved for continuous sessional assessments during the semester. A student shall be required to pass the sessional assessment (40%) criterion to be eligible for end-semester examination in each subject
  • Evaluation of continuous sessional work shall be made based on students performance in
  • Tests organized for this purpose by the department (ii) written assignment and or
  • Seminar, field work, industrial training etc.
  • A Student, who does not clear a course, owing to failure to pass or to appear in sessional
  • work and/or end semester examination, will have to clear the course in the immediate next opportunity. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to carry more than
  • three backlog courses to the next opportunity. A Student has to get minimum of 40% of
  • sessional marks in each course to be eligible for appearing in the end semester examination
  • No Candidate shall normally be allowed to appear in any course examination more than twice and no candidate shall be allowed to appear in any course examination beyond the permitted number of semesters, stated here in before counted from his/her first admission to the programme